Welcome to Elevate Digital Optics

EDO lab is a digital manufacturing laboratory based in the heart of Dallas, TX for the US optometric market.
Elevate Digital Optics OR as our customers call us, EDO is fully digital lab based in Dallas, Texas. EDO is unique in that it is owned by a who’s who of successful independent Texas optometrists. Our ownership is made up of Texas Optometry Association past presidents, past and current board members, and future rising stars. These great optometrists came together and made the decision to purchase a lab to take control of their own supply chain and quality. EDO has been in business since November 2016. Since then lab volume has steadily gained and the lab has become approved by VSP under the DOLP program. This means that any shareholder optometrist can process their VSP work through EDO. The same principle applies for EyeMed. The vast majority of the lenses that we sell are our own brand, Eyeonx. Please review the “Why Eyeonx” section for more info on why these lenses are so successful. In short, Eyeonx lenses are exclusive, high quality, and carry great pricing…a real triple threat.

Our Mission

To passionately serve and empower independent optometrists by building stellar relationships and crafting perfect lenses one pair at a time.


EDO lab is a digital manufacturing laboratory based in the heart of Dallas