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Lab Update March 2017



EDO Lab is proud to introduce a new standard AR coating called EDO Clear. Due to customer demands, EDO Clear is your choice for standard AR coating, whereas CLEARX™ AR Coating is your coating of choice for premium quality AR coating.

Electronic Ordering

Testing has begun to allow all offices to place orders using VisionWeb. Testing will conclude within the month of April and will be open to all offices. If you prefer, you may also select to use our LabLink format which is currently active. Contact EDO Lab for your login information. Also, please take note that you can view previous jobs sent to us by going to “Order History” with the drop down toggle for patient names, order date, and the order number. Now under “job status”, you should be able to view your job live and confirm that your order has been received.

Shamir Lenses

We are proud to inform you that we will begin manufacturing Shamir Lenses for your convenience. Shamir lenses will be available by April 21, 2017. The EDO lab Pricelist and support material is being prepared.


All offices are encouraged to sign up for a Shaw Vision® webinar.
Shaw Vision® is a calculation to provide vision therapy that corrects the design limitations of single vision, bifocal, office and progressive lenses to improve the binocular function for eyeglass wearers.

It is possible and practical to alter both the induced prism of an ophthalmic lens and the magnification by specifying the index of refraction, the base curve and minimum center/edge thickness.

This technology eliminates the effects of unbalanced optical magnification naturally inherent in all other eyeglass lenses or eliminates the condition where there is a significant difference in the perceived size of images and eye muscle imbalance in which the horizontal visual plan of one eye is different from that of the other.

eyeonx™ X500 Acomoda 2

EDO is proud to introduce the second generation of the X500 Acomoda, the X500 Acomoda 2. The X500 Acomoda 2 lenses have been re-positioned to allow for more competitive prices.
Round 24 plastic 1.5 bifocals and Round 28 blended and Round 40 blended bifocal lenses are also being added to our lens selection. We will also be adding the B-Free “blended bifocal” shortly after Vision Expo. New pricelists are being prepared to reflect all the above changes.