eyeonx™ X700 CONTOUR Press Release 2017-05-04T15:47:22+00:00



eyeonx™ is excited to add the X700 CONTOUR Lens to it’s portfolio of highly customizeable lifestyle lenses. Consumers today want products specific to their individual needs, not a sales pitch. This lens takes the guess work out of progressive lens design selection. Simply ask your patients vision usage questions, with the expert guidance of your eye care professional.

Only the X700 Contour selects a progressive lens design based on each patients unique lifestyle needs for the best possible vision. The X700 Contour lenses utilize the latest in free-form design technology and design fitting method.

In just three minutes, the patients eyes select the best progressive design for their lifestyle and visual needs.

Visit www.selectmylens.com to see for yourself the potential of the X700 CONTOUR Progressive Lens.

If you have any questions regarding the X700 CONTOUR Progressive Lifestyle Lens, please Contact EDO at 972.488.3462.