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Welcome to Elevate Digital Optics

EDO lab is a full-service digital manufacturing laboratory based in the heart of Dallas, TX for the US optometric market.

Elevate Digital Optics is a wholesale optical lab which manufactures and distributes quality eyeglass lenses to independent opticians and other eye care professionals. Edo supplies directly to the eye care professional, and not to the end user or patient. EDO supports independent eye care professionals.

EDO’s highly effective team strives to assist the US Ophthalmic industry with their lens supply needs. Our team understands today’s highly competitive landscape facing independent providers, and EDO believes in solution-based education for your patients.

EDO Lab Team

EDO is proud to make eyeonx™ brand lenses available to independent eye care professionals and optical boutiques. Eyeonx brings all the benefits of the digitized X100, Customized X300, individualized X500 and the X700 Contour lifestyle lens design to Single Vision, Computer, Bifocal/tri-focal and progressive lens categories.

  • Single Vision Lenses
  • Office Lenses
  • Bifocal/Tri-focal
  • Progressive Lenses
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